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Asbestosis Compensation

We have worked with thousands of people across the UK suffering from asbestos-related diseases, including asbestosis. As well as providing financial, emotional and practical support to sufferers and their families, we also offer legal representation for those who want to claim compensation. The amount of asbestosis claim compensation that is awarded varies from case to case, as does the amount of time the claim will take to conclude. We recommend you contact us directly to discuss your individual case in more detail; meanwhile, take a look at some examples below of compensation that we have successfully secured for people with asbestosis.

Mr Q of Northampton, a Metal and Woodwork Teacher, developed Asbestosis.  Settlement was reached with the Local Education Authority in the sum of £215,000.00.

Mr C had been exposed to asbestos at Great Western Railways (British Rail) and Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries (Marston’s PLC).  The claim settled for £75,000.00.

Mr K was a Heating Engineer and Plumber with G N Hayden, where he was exposed to asbestos.  He was diagnosed with Asbestosis and his claim settled for £36,500.00.

Mr V worked at a Fitter at St Thomas’ Hospital in London where he was exposed to asbestos from lagging on pipes.  His claim settled for £15,000.00 on a provisional damages basis.

Mr R developed Asbestosis as a result of exposure to asbestos when he worked at J Preston & Sons Heating & Plumbing Engineers in Lancashire.  His widow received £31,000.00 in asbestosis compensation.

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