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Pleural Thickening Compensation Awards

Mr D a Boiler Engineer developed Pleural Thickening – Awarded £10,400.00.

Mr H from Blaenavon worked as a Hammer Driver.  Diagnosed with Pleural Thickening. Provisional Damages of £21,000.00 awarded.

Mr F a fitter worked at Billingham Power Station.  He developed pleural thickening and his claim settled for £30,000.00.

Mr O was employed by the Ministry of Works.  He developed asbestos related Pleural Plaques and Pleural Thickening.  His claim was settled for £45,000.00.

Mr S from Leeds was diagnosed with Asbestos Pleural Thickening.  He was a Plumber and exposed to asbestos at Leeds General Infirmary.  Settlement was reached on a provisional damages basis in
the sum of £35,000.00 allowing Mr S to return to Court should he suffer a more serious condition in the future.

Mr B was employed as a Moulder at Fibrecrete Asbestos Factory in Gloucestershire.  He was diagnosed with Diffuse Pleural Thickening and his claim was settled in the sum of £55,000.00 on a provisional damages basis.

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