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Asbestos Advice in Brighton

Asbestos related diseases result in the death of 20 tradespeople each week, and are the single biggest cause of work-related deaths. A widely used building material from the 1950s to the mid-80s, asbestos was popular as a cheap alternative to wood, and valued for its waterproof and fire retardant properties. Tradespeople including carpenters, electricians, joiners and plumbers, to name just a few, can be affected by exposure to asbestos, and at the National Asbestos Helpline we are here to provide the practical, financial and legal support that sufferers of asbestos related diseases require. We also work with the families and friends of those affected, as well as the families of those who have passed away. Whether you simply need someone to talk to, or you require legal assistance with a compensation claim, our service has been designed with you in mind.

Case Study

Name – Mr D

Location – Client or industry – Eastbourne

Industry type – GN Haden – Heating Engineer
Compensation amount – £36,500.00

Information on the case

Mr D who lived near Brighton, came to us when he was diagnosed with asbestosis. He was employed by GN Haden during the 1950`s and 1960`s as a heating engineer. Mr D spent the majority of his time working in boiler rooms carrying out repairs. He had to remove asbestos lagging to carry out the repairs. Laggers then came on site and re applied the lagging, with Mr D working in close proximity to them.

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Our Freephone helpline can be contacted on 0808 250 6786, so when you need the advice that only a team of experts can offer, be sure to call us first. Our experienced solicitors specialise in asbestos claims, so if you are planning to make a claim for compensation, we have the skill and expertise to secure the compensation you deserve. Get in touch today to get started.

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