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Asbestos in Sunderland

Specialising in offering the financial, practical and legal support that those suffering from asbestos related diseases require, the National Asbestos Helpline is here to make life easier for all of those who contact us. As the single biggest cause of work-related deaths, asbestos continues to pose a threat long after its use has ceased, and asbestos related conditions kill an average of 20 tradesmen each week.

Waterproof and fire retardant, asbestos was commonly used as a building material up until the mid-1980s, and was frequently used as a cheap alternative to wood. The prevalence of asbestos means that those working in various trades could have been exposed, including but not limited to electricians, joiners, carpenters and plumbers. In Sunderland, laggers, dockyard workers and shipbuilders were also at risk of asbestos exposure, and many developed asbestos related diseases as a result.

We provide support and advice to those affected, including the families and friends of those who have passed away from asbestos related diseases. From making a claim for compensation to simply having someone to talk to, we will always be on hand to help when you need us.

Case Study

Name – Mr Y
Location – Client or industry – Sunderland
Industry type – Ship building
Compensation amount – £30,000

Information on the case

Mr Y was diagnosed with pleural plaques in 2009 and successfully brought a claim against his former employers Thermotank and Vosper Thorneycroft on a provisional damages basis. Settlement on a provisional damage basis meant that the claim settled for an amount which only compensated Mr Y for his pleural plaques and the claim was left open so that if in future Mr Y developed a different asbestos condition or his then asbestos condition deteriorated, he was able to return to Court for further compensation. Sadly, Mr Y did go on to develop asbestosis and was therefore able to return to Court to seek a further award of damages and was successful.

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Call 0808 250 6786 to speak to our experienced and knowledgeable team about your own case, or alternatively you can begin your enquiry online through our website. You’ll be in expert hands with our legal specialists, so whether you live in Sunderland or elsewhere nationwide, contact us today to get started.

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