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Mesothelioma in Liverpool

Exposure to asbestos in Liverpool has caused mesothelioma in many former shipyard and dockyard workers, including employees of Cammell Laird. The National Asbestos Helpline specialise in helping sufferers and their families to secure the compensation that they are entitled to. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, we recommend you contact us today.

An incurable cancer which affects the membrane of the lungs or abdomen, mesothelioma is the most serious asbestos related disease for which you can claim compensation. Our specialist solicitors can often resolve these claims within 6-12 months. In many cases, an interim payment can be made upfront of up to £50k in damages to assist you whilst your claim is processed.

We have helped thousands of people like you to recover the compensation they deserve and our professional and friendly approach means you will always be in capable hands with our expert team.

Case Study

Name – Mr U
Location – Client or industry – Merseyside
Industry type – Metal Fabrication
Compensation amount – £220,000.00

Information on the case

Mr U was diagnosed with mesothelioma. He was employed by 4 companies throughout Merseyside as a sheet metal worker. He worked in close proximity to laggers when working for these companies who were mixing and applying asbestos. He also worked with asbestos products himself.

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