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Mesothelioma Awareness Day

best mesothelioma lawyers

What will an experienced mesothelioma lawyer do?

17th Aug 17 5:30 PM

It is important that if you or a family member is diagnosed with mesothelioma that you seek the help and support of an experienced asbestos lawyer. The law relating to mesothelioma compensation claims is very complicated. There have been more legal decisions in recent year in asbestos litigation than any...

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The risks and consequences of illegal removal of asbestos

14th Aug 17 10:24 AM

The removal of asbestos from buildings by anyone other than specialists is not only unlawful, but also poses an extreme health risk. It is therefore important that awareness is raised to the reality of consequences when contractors fail in their safeguarding duties. Asbestos in any form of work environment is...

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Asbestos in schools is a ‘serious’ problem, Government report finds

2nd Aug 17 12:30 PM

Asbestos in schools is a “serious” problem that could potentially threaten the health of children, a recent Government report has found, as it concludes that thousands of schools are failing to follow safety guidelines. Of the schools that responded to an official survey, one fifth were found to be “not...

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Royal Court of Justice

Hope for mesothelioma victims of lower dose asbestos exposure

20th Jul 17 10:40 AM

Permission to appeal has been granted in the case of Bussey v Anglia Heating on a point of law which has denied many mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease sufferers the justice and compensation they deserve. In the case of Bussey v Anglia Heating a High Court Judge found that between...

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brownfield site asbestos warning

Call to cut risks of asbestos exposure on brownfield sites

19th Jul 17 9:54 AM

More awareness needs to be raised about the hazards associated with asbestos in soil on developed land in the UK. Neil Munro, director of asbestos consultancy Acorn Analytical Services, which has offices in Northampton and Leeds, is commonly seeing cases where asbestos is only being detected during subsequent groundworks or...

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