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Northampton Widow Appeals for Witnesses following Asbestos-related Death

30th Nov 11 1:02 PM

The widow and two children of plumber Benjamin William Smith, a former employee of Mid-Northants Water Board (now Anglian Water Authority) who died after being exposed to asbestos, is asking for witnesses to come forward to support their claim that his death was due to occupational exposure. Benjamin William Smith...

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A very real family members account of dealing with Mesothelioma

23rd Jul 11 1:05 PM

We received this email late last week which demonstrates eloquently the worry, pain and helplessness experienced by a family member watching a loved one suffer with asbestos-related Mesothelioma. Hello Colin, I received your letter this morning at home dated yesterday, Friday 13! But it was a joy to hear from...

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Time is running out for limited Pleural Plaques compensation

22nd Jul 11 1:01 PM

The National Asbestos Helpline (NAH) is urging anyone diagnosed with the asbestos-related condition pleural plaques to get in touch with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to check whether or not they are eligible to claim £5,000 in government compensation. The closing date for applications under the Ministry of Justice ‘Pleural...

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Mesothelioma: early diagnosis potential using nose cell sample

22nd Jun 11 1:00 PM

Epithelial Cells in the Nose Can Lead to Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer and Potentially Mesothelioma Typically, lung cancer is diagnosed through a lung biopsy which requires an often painful procedure of removing a small piece of lung tissue surgically, through a long needle or with a bronchoscope. Now, Boston...

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National Asbestos Helpline Supports International Workers’ Memorial Day

28th Apr 11 12:58 PM

Giving a Voice to Pleural Plaque Sufferers Today is International Workers’ Memorial Day ‘Remembering the Dead – Fighting for the Living’ and the National Asbestos Helpline is adding its support to the campaign, fighting for the often forgotten victims of occupational illness, the sufferers of Pleural Plaques. With the number of...

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