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Coroners & Inquests

Death resulting from industrial disease constitutes an unnatural death under the Coroner’s Act 1988 and therefore an inquest must take place to establish and record the cause of death.

The Coroner’s role is to determine circumstances and causes of death for the benefit of the family and for the wider community who may also be at risk from the same or similar circumstances.

Coroner’s Investigation

General Practitioners and in some cases hospitals, will refer cases to the Coroner’s Office where the cause of death is uncertain.

Coroners will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death, gathering evidence from medical records, witnesses, pathologists, police statements, and where appropriate a post-mortem report, before reaching a decision.

Inquests explained

An inquest is usually opened and then adjourned whilst investigations continue. Upon completion of these investigations, a full inquest date will be set.

During the full inquest, the Coroner will give their conclusion to the cause of death and pronounce a verdict.

Verdicts affecting your claim

Providing the Coroner’s verdict confirms cause of death as ‘asbestos-related’, you will then be able to continue with a civil claim for compensation.

Should the verdict be returned as non-asbestos related, you will be entitled to appeal, if you feel it necessary.

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