Alan Sanderson, Builder

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:41 PM

Alan Sanderson, from Gateshead, was exposed to asbestos during his 47 years in the building trade. He was diagnosed with pleural plaques in April 2009 on his 78th birthday.

Alan says: “I came out of the doctors after being told the diagnosis and thought, what do I do now? I didn’t know anything about the condition and there was nobody to turn to.

“When you retire you’re not with any trade unions or associations that may be able to help. Nobody wants to know. You’re told you’ve got pleural plaques and that’s it. You’re just thrown on the scrapheap!

“The Pleural Plaques National Register is a great idea and offers some peace of mind. It’s just good to have someone there to talk to if you need them and to ask if you’re being treated right.”

Alan was one of the inspirations for setting up the Pleural Plaques National Register after members of the National Asbestos Helpline (NAH) team met him during our ‘Asbestos Awareness’ roadshow in Newcastle in the summer of 2010.

He explained that he had been unable to find affordable travel insurance after he was diagnosed with pleural plaques. With the help of the NAH and our charitable partners, Alan was able to secure an affordable quote which meant he could finally travel to see his daughter in South Africa.

Alan’s condition and his exposure to asbestos have been recorded so that we will be able to act quickly if his condition changes. Like others who have registered, Alan will receive relevant up-to-date information and news as well as gaining access to various support services offered through our charitable partners.