Mr H, Engineer

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:36 PM

Mr H from the South-West, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in July 2012. Mr H had been employed in the 1960s by Perkins Engineering of Peterborough. He commenced working here as an apprentice engineer. The company made diesel engines for a variety of suppliers in the agricultural, marine, automotive and industrial sectors. At the time Perkins was one of only a few companies that made diesel engines along with the American firm Cummings.

Mr H spent a period of time working in the welding department where asbestos mats were used for brazing. The asbestos mats would deteriorate badly which caused the release of asbestos fibres. Part of Mr H’s training involved working in a section where the engines’ starter motors were tested. The starter motor was fitted underneath the engine and right next to the exhaust manifold which was wrapped in asbestos tape to insulate it. The claimant had to remove this tape and as he displaced it asbestos fibres were released which he breathed in.

The case was brought to a successful conclusion during Mr H’s lifetime, with a settlement in the sum of £265,000.