Mr J, Plumber

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:35 PM

Mr J from London was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2012. He contacted us in February 2012 and our solicitors took the case on.

In the late 1960s Mr J worked for Reliance Heating and Plumbing Co Limited. He carried out plumbing work in both domestic and commercial premises. Amongst the jobs he regularly carried out was removal and replacement of cold water tanks and boiler flues. These tasks would involve breaking up the tanks or flues, both of which were made of or contained asbestos. Breaking them up released asbestos fibres which were inhaled by Mr J.

He was also exposed to asbestos in schools and hospitals where other workers were removing asbestos lagging. Again asbestos dust and fibre was released and inhaled.

Mr J also worked at Ellis Plumbers of Kensington and Hayden Young Limited London in the 1970s. Both were plumbing and heating contractors and while in employment at both firms Mr J was exposed to asbestos from flues, cold water storage tanks, and pipes.

The claim was pursued to a successful conclusion, in Mr J’s lifetime and within 6 months of our first involvement with the claim.