Mr O, Maintenance Fitter

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:27 PM

Mr O was diagnosed with pleural plaques and pleural thickening in December 2009. The National Asbestos Helpline was approached in February 2012 and our solicitors pursued the case on behalf of Mr O.

Mr O had been exposed to asbestos at the Ministry of Works from the 1950s through to 1953. There were two sites at which he initially worked, the first being Northwick Park Gloucestershire and the second Springhill in Gloucestershire. Both sites were post war refugee camps, predominantly for Eastern European Refugees. The sites were run by the National Assistance Boards. Mr O was employed as a mortar maintenance fitter at the site. In or around 1960 Mr H was transferred to Morten in the Marsh, which was an old air field, although he continued to be employed by the Ministry of Works. Morten in the Marsh was the National Fire Service headquarters and college, and it was situated on a wartime air field.

Through his employment at the various sites, Mr O was exposed to asbestos from lagging on pipes and boilers. He carried out repairs to the pipes and boilers and in order to be able to do this he had to remove the asbestos lagging. He would use a chisel or hammer to chip away at the lagging and whilst he was doing a significant amount of asbestos dust was released.

Mr O also worked on the boilers undertaking repairs, this involved removing the asbestos lagging which caused asbestos dust to be released.

Mr O contacted the National Asbestos Helpline shortly before the expiry of limitation (the time period in which a claim must be pursued) and our solicitors had to act swiftly to issue court proceedings to protect the claimant’s position. Settlement was achieved in the sum of £45,000 in April 2013.