Mr T, Joiner

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:20 PM

Mr T was in his early 60s when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in the summer of 2010. He had worked as a joiner for a number of companies.

Between 1961 and 1968 he cut and drilled asbestolux sheets for use in fire doors.

He was exposed to asbestos here when sawing, scoring and snapping asbestos sheets and using a plane on the sides of the sheets. He cut asbestos pipes to use as bolt boxes in the concrete foundations. In order to carry out this work he used a stihl saw to cut the asbestos, which released asbestos dust which he inhaled.

He was further exposed to asbestos in the late 1970s when his job involved cutting asbestos for soffit boards. As he sawed the asbestos the dust was released which breathed in.

No masks were provided at any of the defendant companies and no precautions were taken to prevent exposure to asbestos dust.

The claim was a complicated claim involving potentially 5 defendants. Very sadly Mr T passed away in 2011. The claim was continued by his widow and a successful conclusion to the claim was achieved in September 2012 with damages being agreed in the sum of £165,000.