Mr T, Shipping Engineer

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:57 PM

Mr T lived in Australia but had been exposed to asbestos many years before emigrating whilst working in the UK. Mr T worked for a number of dry dock owners undertaking shipping repairers and engineering jobs. He was exposed to asbestos whilst working on the engines, turbines, boilers, pipes and pumps on-board various ships. Sadly Mr T was diagnosed with mesothelioma and died very shortly after diagnosis whilst the case was progressing. We continued to investigate the matter being instructed then by Mr T’s widow and next of kin. Mrs T remained in Australia and we liaised with her and all associated organisations closely by way of email exchange. The case was heavily defended on the issue of dependency and quantum and was listed for a full assessment of damages hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice in November 2012. The matter came before the Court on 2 earlier occasions to address issues between the parties. Arrangements were made for his widow to give evidence to the court at the hearing by way of video link. We were able to negotiate a settlement for Mr T’s widow in the sum of £175,000 a matter of weeks before the assessment was scheduled to take place.