Mrs Richardson, Heating and Plumbing Engineer

Posted: 10th Apr 17 1:40 PM

Mrs Richardson approached the National Asbestos Helpline in March 2011. Her husband, Mr Richardson, passed away in September 2010 from asbestosis. Mr Richardson had been a heating and plumbing engineer with J Preston and Sons Heating and Plumbing Engineers Lancashire. Mr Richardson had been employed by the company for most of his working history.

There was no lifetime statement from Mr Richardson and it was necessary to trace witnesses who had worked alongside him to confirm the extent of exposure to asbestos, as asbestosis cases require there to be proof of heavy exposure.

There were added complications in the case in that Mr Richardson had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and there had been no diagnosis of asbestosis within his lifetime. Difficult issues arose as to the level of Mr Richardson’s breathlessness having regard to his Alzheimer’s and other co-morbid conditions.

A settlement was achieved for £31,000 in June 2013.