Government Defeated Over Attempt To Make Mesothelioma Victims Pay Legal Costs

Posted: 3rd Oct 14 11:32 AM

In a great decision for Mesothelioma victims, the High Court has held that the Governments consultation process aimed at making mesothelioma victims pay some of their own legal costs and insurance premiums was inadequate.

The background to the consultation process is that in December 2013 the Government announced that  mesothelioma victims would have to pay some of their own legal costs. Mesothelioma victims had been exempt from the legal rules which require personal injury victims to pay some of their own costs.

The Government had been required to undertake a consultation process to consider the effects of the proposed changes to mesothelioma victims.  The High Court, in Judicial Review Proceedings, has held that the Government`s consultation process was flawed and inadequate. The legal judgement means that before any change can be implemented the Government must now carry out a proper and full consultation process.

The judgement is good news for mesothelioma sufferers and means that for the present time they will not to have to pay any legal costs.