Looking forward to meeting up with good friends in Plymouth

Posted: 3rd Aug 12 1:12 PM

Every month, Richard Clarke, General Manager of the National Asbestos Helpline heads south to meet up with good friend Debbie Brewer and others at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Richard commented  “Plymouth is a very important area to the National Asbestos Helpline. Where support is concerned, Plymouth takes priority due to the large numbers of people exposed whilst working in or around Devonport Dockyard”.

Working directly with regional and local support groups is central to the National Asbestos Helpline’s remit. Sharing information, experiences and assisting asbestos disease sufferers with legal, financial, emotional and practical support is at the heart of building the National Asbestos Helpline’s value. Speaking to us earlier today, Richard mentioned how much he values the friendships forged during his visits to Plymouth. “Sadly, the generation of people affected by asbestos disease are what I would call the best of British. Hard working, honest people, most of whom understand the value of family, have a strong social responsibility and characteristically posses that archetypal stiff upper lip. Spending time to understand their journey, their concerns, hopes and wishes for the future is all part of my job. I often consider myself extremely privileged to meet so many fantastic people.

One of these incredible people is my friend Debbie Brewer. Debbie valiantly continues to fight Mesothelioma despite being given six months to live some six years ago. Her story and those of others in a similar situation living in and around Plymouth are heart-breaking yet completely inspirational”.

For further information on the work of the National Asbestos Helpline please visit https://www.nationalasbestos.co.uk