National Asbestos Helpline secures payment from new Mesothelioma Scheme

Posted: 14th Aug 14 11:13 AM

Mrs A is delighted with the outcome of her claim following her contact with the National Asbestos Helpline. Sadly Mrs A’s husband passed away from mesothelioma in October 2013 and she contacted NAH in February 2014. Many years before Mrs A and her husband met he had worked as a joiner on new houses. At this time it was common to use asbestos based products including soffits and asbestos insulating boards which Mr A would cut to size.

The company which employed Mr A in the 50s was not traceable nor were their insurers. The Government have now set up a scheme to better help people in just this situation. Alderstone Solicitors initially carried out all possible investigations to try to trace the employer/insurer but once these were exhausted assisted Mrs A through the mesothelioma schemes procedure and a cheque will shortly be on its way to Mrs A. To find out more information on the Mesothelioma scheme please view our previous post.