The National Asbestos Helpline offers a voice to thousands of asbestos disease sufferers across the UK

Posted: 2nd Aug 12 1:06 PM

Throughout August, the National Asbestos Helpline will be rolling out a national email campaign to support their Lobbying For Lives initiative, aimed at bringing an end to global asbestos use. Speaking from their Cheshire Head Office, General Manager, Richard Clarke spoke of his intentions in providing asbestos disease sufferers with a vehicle to effect real change “the lobbying for life project sets out to bring names and faces to asbestos disease. It has always been too easy for politicians and business leaders to ignore asbestos  mortality statistics, it is however, rather more difficult to ignore the faces of real people whose stories tell of heartbreak and suffering”.

Working alongside ADAO in America, the National Asbestos Helpline will approach over 2000 UK asbestos disease sufferers and their families in an attempt to gather over 1000 petition signatures, photographs and stories. All of the information gathered will be used to produce a special book for presentation to ADAO and the UK government aimed at bringing about real change in the global use of asbestos.

Asbestos diseases including pleural plaques, pleural thickening, asbestosis, lung cancer and Mesothelioma are all caused by breathing in harmful,  deadly asbestos fibres. Over 6000 people in the UK are thought to be affected by asbestos disease in the UK, most of which is attributed to occupational exposure whilst at work.