Asbestos warning for Ministry of Defence helicopter staff

Posted: 30th Aug 18 5:00 PM

Ministry of Defence staff who worked on Sea King helicopters are being warned they may have been exposed to asbestos, reports The Mail on Sunday.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is hurriedly removing parts suspected of containing the toxic material from many of its Sea King aircraft, which have been in use since 1969.

The Mail on Sunday reports thousands of engineers are thought to have been exposed to the potentially fatal asbestos dust while working on the Sea King helicopters.

An MoD spokesperson said the safety of personnel was their “highest priority”.

Pilots who have flown Sea Kings, including members of the royal family, are not thought to be at risk.

Past exposure to asbestos

The MoD now face the task of contacting personnel who would have worked on and maintained the Sea Kings since it came into service nearly 50 years ago.

“Any remaining items in service Sea Kings suspected to contain asbestos are being removed urgently and we are contacting those who may have been exposed in the past, detailing the actions they should take,” the MoD spokesperson said.

The ministry have also contacted foreign governments that bought the helicopters, as well as civilian organisations flying ex-military Sea Kings.

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Compensation and claiming benefits

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