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What is pneumoconiosis?

18th Feb 19 1:55 PM

Pneumoconiosis refers to a group of lung diseases caused by the inhalation of dusts, usually over extended periods of time. Breathing in dusts over long periods of time, such as through occupational exposure, can cause fibrosis, a scarring on the lungs, resulting in breathing problems and severe shortness of breath....

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Retford family needs help from former High Marnham Power Station workers

30th Jan 19 10:55 AM

A grieving daughter needs help from former High Marnham Power Station workers who may know where and how her father was exposed to asbestos dust and fibres. Julie Brammer’s father, Maurice Noble, died in July 2018 from mesothelioma, an aggressive and terminal lung cancer caused by past exposure to asbestos...

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Quarter of schools in England failed to report asbestos

23rd Jan 19 10:30 AM

Nearly a quarter of schools across England (23%) failed to tell the government that their buildings contained asbestos, and how risks are being managed, warn a committee of MPs. Schools across England were asked to provide details outlining asbestos risks and their management by May 31, 2018. However, the Public...

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What is a pleural effusion?

22nd Jan 19 8:45 AM

A pleural effusion is a build-up of an unusual amount fluid between the linings of the lungs and the rib-cage. The thin membrane that lines the surface of your lungs and the inside of your chest is called the pleura. Normally there is a small amount of fluid within this...

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Is there a time limit on asbestos compensation claims?

18th Jan 19 11:00 AM

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease and want to take legal action to claim compensation, you will need to get advice from experts as soon as possible, as there are strict time limits on starting an asbestos claim. Asbestos-related diseases can take anywhere between 10 and 50...

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