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Pleural Thickening Compensation Awards

Our group solicitors, Alderstone Solicitors have helped thousands of asbestos victims – including those impacted by pleural thickening – claim compensation and secure justice. These are just a selection of successful compensation settlements the expert asbestos solicitors have secured for families in need:

Mr D a Boiler Engineer developed Pleural Thickening – Awarded £10,400.00.

Mr H from Blaenavon worked as a Hammer Driver.  Diagnosed with Pleural Thickening. Provisional Damages of £21,000.00 awarded.

Mr F a fitter worked at Billingham Power Station.  He developed pleural thickening and his claim settled for £30,000.00.

Mr O was employed by the Ministry of Works.  He developed asbestos related Pleural Plaques and Pleural Thickening.  His claim was settled for £45,000.00.

Mr S from Leeds was diagnosed with Asbestos Pleural Thickening.  He was a Plumber and exposed to asbestos at Leeds General Infirmary.  Settlement was reached on a provisional damages basis in the sum of £35,000.00 allowing Mr S to return to Court should he suffer a more serious condition in the future.

Mr B was employed as a Moulder at Fibrecrete Asbestos Factory in Gloucestershire.  He was diagnosed with Diffuse Pleural Thickening and his claim was settled in the sum of £55,000.00 on a provisional damages basis.

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The National Asbestos Helpline was set up to help asbestos related disease sufferers and their families.

With our knowledgeable, professional and compassionate approach, we help and support thousands of people across the UK to access financial, emotional and practical support and, where appropriate, legal representation from specialist asbestos compensation claims solicitors.

If you, a family member or a friend has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis, Asbestos Lung Cancer or Pleural Plaques, we are here to help.