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Pleural Thickening Treatments

Unfortunately there is no cure for pleural thickening.  Once the damage has been done it is irreversible.  However, a person with this condition will have to undergo regular appointments at their GP and/or hospital as there is a possibility that their condition can develop into mesothelioma.

Oxygen Therapy can also be used to ease the symptoms of a person who has been diagnosed with Pleural Thickening.  Depending on the severity of the symptoms will depend on what kind of Oxygen therapy will be prescribed.  If symptoms are not severe then the sufferer may be able to manage them with an inhaler.  If the symptoms are severe then it may be that an Oxygen Concentrator is necessary.  This is a device which concentrates the oxygen from ambient gas to give an oxygen enriched atmosphere.  The machine is powered by electricity and when it is turned on it will purify the oxygen in the room and then is then breathed in through a small plastic tube which will be placed inside the nostrils.  A mask is also worn to hold the small plastic tube in place.  A small portable tank will also be provided for when the user leaves their home.

A person who has been diagnosed with pleural thickening and is a current smoker will be encourage to give up this habit as they will now be at a higher risk of developing lung cancer.  At the very least, their lung capacity will decrease further causing them further disability.Treatment for pleural thickening will not cure the illness however it can be used to ease symptoms.

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